monday gifts

Thankful for… 

being in a 90 year old’s planner 🙂 I kindof like that!

a fun weekend family! My cousin Kristen and her crew were in town. We went to the zoo, ate a lot, talked, laughed, played Snert, painted fingernails- it was great!

my week already being made. After church yesterday I was just standing there when I felt my knees being hugged.. I looked down to discover a smiling 4 year old boy! I was surprised a) that he remembered me at all, and b) that he would do such a thing, since he’s usually getting in trouble when I’m with him in class and he seems to not enjoy that so much… I did read him a dinosaur book last class, twice, so that must be it.

kindof goofy but really encouraging conversations with God while driving down Center Street.

good times at the big apple of Nebraska (as I like to call it), Nebraska City:


(we really, really.. really enjoyed going to that antique store. Probably too much.) image

popovers to share with friends. Or friend. Because you don’t want to share too much when it comes to these popovers. (Val’s recipe! They are really easy to make and really yummy.)

the voice of Otis 12 in the morning.

an end of summer picnic on a beautiful evening:



2 thoughts on “monday gifts

    • Thanks! Yeah, I don’t know when I came up with that one but it makes me laugh.. especially when comparing NE City to my idea of what New York must be like! 🙂

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