summer browns



12 thoughts on “summer browns

  1. Oh! These are incredible – who knew brown could be so beautiful!!! And I really like the stones arranged in a circle…(perhaps too many circle/fraction problems in Math this week!?!)


    • oh dear, don’t mention fractions!! 🙂 Too much math can mess with your mind, I understand! heheh! Thank you for the comment! ~Frances

  2. You inspire me with your photos, which really means you inspire me with your mind! Thank you for the comment on Life Of Pi. Let’s talk!! I finished the book yesterday and wanted to talk to hubby (hasn’t read it) and he was like, I don’t understand. Ugh. I want to talk to everyone about it. I don’t think the movie will ever be able to give all the backstory. Every page was important. Just so perfect and moving and beautiful. I love Piscine Molitor Patel, and I’ll probably sob through the entire movie. How about you?


    • aww, thank you!

      Yes!! I totally understand… it is just one of those books you want to discuss and process out loud! But it sounds pretty crazy to anyone who hasn’t read it!
      For me, at several points in the book (the initial part after the ship sinks, with the animals on the raft.. the french guy, when they are blind.. the floating weird island..), I kept feeling like my mind was getting messed with… “wait, is this real?”.. but then I would gradually accept it. And I came to love Pi much more than I thought I would, and to really root for him, which happened gradually too. And then along came the end and I haven’t been able to decide what to think! Pretty brilliant, i would say!

      And wow, yeah, I can’t imagine even trying to make that into a movie.. what an undertaking! So I’ll be interested to see how it’s done!

  3. Hi Frances – I’ve been looking around and like your simple yet carefree approach to life. — Summer warmth fades as autumn approaches with orange arrays, Ode to those lingering Indian summer days — I’m quoting myself LOL — but your summer browns reminded me! Thanks for the inspiration — Blessings Terri. (I’ve got a Poem of Blessings called “Autumn Gold” so we seem to be in sync today!!

    • uhh, me too! I think it’s part of living on the plains.. you come to appreciate brown! And all the variations of it! Probably because it is everywhere.. but I do actually love it. 🙂 ~Frances

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