monday gifts


Thankful for…

A safe drive across the state and back with my constant, Val. Time with family. Bright stars, dark sky. Lonely driving on country highways. The best bacon and tomato sandwich I have ever had (Val’s Italian Herb Knots as the bread + bacon + tomatoes picked minutes earlier in her parent’s garden).


Time together celebrating my dad’s birthday. That us kids make him proud, all the time… he is never ever embarrassed by what we say or do, or ashamed to claim us as his own in public, or despairing that we’ll turn out normal, as this picture clearly shows. 😉


Local Colorado beef, packed days ago, amazing lunch for me & Dad. The perks of ministry in a rural area, we get some great donations!!


Micah 6 & 7.

Humble hearts.

Updates from a farmer who also loves to go to Uganda and serve an orphanage & school there. Hearing his heart. And his unique perspective! You don’t have to be a certain “type” of person to go on missions trips. You can totally be yourself. 🙂


A hug from my little camp pal Gracie, right in the middle of worship on Sunday.

Sitting around. Listening to stories. Laughing. Sipping coffee at Val’s grandparents. Steadying to be in a slower, quiet pace for a few days.




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