black heart, black tresses

Recently I introduced my roommate to Anne. How she has gone her whole lifetime without Anne I can’t understand, my heart breaks, but.. it’s never too late. Reading those books, watching the movies… words do not convey the depth of my feelings! 😉 I’ve grown up reading those books every couple of years and loving them every time. Same for the movies. They are wonderful.

Watching them again brought up a painful memory, however; one I have tried to suppress. 

Circa junior year of high school, I was at a golf tournament on the front range. When I met the other three girls I would be golfing with that day, I was overcome with amazement. For lo and behold, one of the them was the spitting image of Diana. The Diana, Anne’s bosom friend. She totally was her. It was amazing.

As the round progressed, though, I realized a few things about this Diana lookalike. First, she kept trying to cheat.. and since I was the one keeping her scorecard, I had to keep track of her shots and correct her. Gasp! And secondly, she cursed a lot. Gasp! Coming from Diana, this behavior was terrible! Inexcusable! I couldn’t believe someone who looked so innocent and had rosy cheeks and fluffy black hair could act this way!

Diana Barry might overindulge on “raspberry cordial” or grow up & get married or sneak your story off to a Rollings Reliable baking powder company contest without telling you, but she would never cheat or curse!!!  

That day I was speechless. Now, if I could go back in time, this is what I would say to her:With great power comes great responsibility, girl who looks exactly like Diana!” and I would glare and weep a little and then get her address so I could send along Anne stuff and thus introduce her to her destiny.  


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