in the studio: book spine poetry

Today I’m joining with Jennifer & others for a fun little assignment: book spine poetry! (Ever heard of it? Me neither.) But it involved books+poetry+pictures so I definitely enjoyed it!

Just.. use your imagination.

(Do these make a lot of sense? Nope!)

And a more serious one.. comparatively.

(I kept thinking of the part from the book where Laura becomes very curious about what it would be like to really be in the flooding creek and barely survives by hanging on to the footbridge. I’ve always loved that part!)

Also, finished project from last time.

This was fun! Thanks Jennifer! 🙂 Have a good holiday weekend everyone!



6 thoughts on “in the studio: book spine poetry

  1. Frances! These are amazing (and funny) and I love them! I really like the painting too – oils? And I am totally going to check out the Frances books (from last week’s post) because I think sweet tweener and I need to have that code for ice cream! Thanks for joining in the play!

    • Why thank you! It was fun. And YES!! the Frances books are wonderful at any age. 🙂
      The painting is just done with like acrylic craft paint.. I just play around with paint, I can’t make any claims to greatness but it’s fun. 🙂
      Have a good weekend!!

    • heheh, thanks! 🙂 Hope you are having a good week so far!! I thought of you, I drove west across Nebraska for a quick weekend home this past weekend! Always nice to get away to the plains. 🙂

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