week in the life of a caregiver : 4 snapshots

#1- Leaving the nursing home after a long overnight that included a fire scare. I pass one of the CNA’s. She says, “Have a good day— night???” and I was not able to definitively say, so I just replied, “You too! Whatever it is!”

#2- A little goodbye hug from a woman I helped just this week. I had to work my charm a tad in the beginning to win her over to the idea of me being there. 😉 We ended up having a great time together! So it went from reluctant hello to reluctant goodbye, I’d say that is a success!

#3- A moment where I remember: who I am is so very important to this job I have… other people can do the same thing, but have a different effect. I just know that especially in some instances it is supposed to be me, it makes a difference that it was me there. It matters that I am God’s creative work, walking in the good paths that He prepared for me a long time ago. Ain’t no feeling like it.

#4- Showing up slightly over the boundaries of “late” for a shift because I took the interstate and apparently when I get on the interstate I just want to go.. by the time I realized I was beginning an unintentional road trip and got turned around, yup, I was late. With no good excuse at all. Shirley, the caregiver I want to be when I grow up, chuckled when I told her,  patted my arm and said, “Frances, I think you’ve been hanging around with old ladies too much!!” 


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