November 13, 2004

That was the day I made a decision that very much affected my entire year. In fact, I’m sure it was one of the life-impacting kind. At the quiz meet, Mr. Rick asked me if I would be full-time Camp Machasay summer staff and come to the camp planning meeting the next week. I said… yes!

I was concerned that I should get a job that actually pays money… but after I said yes, I knew that working at camp would be like a dream way to spend my summer. And what do you know, God definitely did provide for me. The hundreds of helpless laughs, the friendships, the times of worship, growth, and service were all beyond money. But He even provided for me financially, in ways that wouldn’t have happened if I decided not to work at camp.

And that’s how one of the most awesome years of my life so far began- by saying ‘yes’ to what I knew God wanted for me.

(I wrote that back in 2005, and still feel the same way today!)


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