Gone to camp, be back soon!

Hi friends, so for the next 3 weeks I will be pretty distant from computer or cell phone, as I will be out at camp!

Yep, I’m going to load my car with a cooler of frozen bacon, clean camp clothes and markers and bug spray and a new empty journal.. and at the end, I will make the drive back with dirty camp clothes, an empty cooler, dried out markers, bug bites for sure, and a full journal. And I will probably feel a lot emptier while at the same time, having a full heart, because that is what camp tends to do.

I’m gonna be a counselor all three weeks, which I haven’t done for several years, and I’m nervous because it is my absolute favorite job and it is also the most exhausting! I love getting to be there for my girls, all week long, through all the fun moments and homesick moments and challenging moments and the moments where they are learning about God. And for the little everyday moments like when we’re getting ready for bed, getting our giggles out (because when you are in a room of 4th grade girls, there will be giggles), praying together and saying goodnight. Aww. 🙂 It’s the BEST. And I know none of those moments are wasted, that they mean something for eternity and for each kid’s life.

So the exhaustion part is worth it, totally, I’m just not sure I’m up to it! My allergies tend to be really, really bad at camp for some reason.. like last year, they seriously just completely took me out. I couldn’t hardly talk or breathe or sleep! And those things are hard to do without! So if you think of it, please pray that I will stay healthy.

Even though I will be gone, things around this blog will be pretty fun and busy! I wanted this month to be a celebration of camp. There will be scheduled “camp photo a day” posts coming every day, and a few other random camp related stories, so I can share some of my favorite pictures and memories from the past 9 years!

Hope you enjoy, and have an awesome July! 


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