monday gifts

Thankful for.. image

.. quiet. Trying to stock up on that before I go out to camp! image

…an amazingly delicious Asian food night w/ friends… we really outdid ourselves. And by we I mean not me.. I mostly sat in the kitchen and played Ipad games with Val’s brother. And tucked Hanner’s hair behind my ear while she was making those meatballs (quote book joke). image

(We [again, not really “we” but I just say it anyway] made pot stickers for the first time! Exciting! Here’s an action shot: )image

.. summer days and good times w/ friends & family. I like that a lot. Also trains.image


.. reading the updates as a man who has lived well is dying.. it’s sad, yet inspiring. As the illness reduces him down, the essentials of who he is become very clear. Love is the main message of his life.

And thousands of miles away in Jamaica, one of his best friends is also not in good health. The bond between them is strong because of their love for the Lord, and it was a wonder to hear that the one knew, without being told (because his wife didn’t know if he could handle it), that his friend was very sick. He just knew. The time is close.

I am thankful for the wisdom I have learned from these men.   image

.. softball games and shade and water and mornings. image

.. joy & creativity! image

.. funny children. “What is your favorite food?” I asked Hanner’s little niece. “um, pasta,” [said offhand, like it was clearly a given] “and candy, and CHICKEN!!”



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