My all-weather tires


“On the alpine highway of life, you are my all-weather tires,” writes Shawn in an episode of Psych. Some of my people, the all-weather tires, awesome, life-is-so-much-better-with-them type, also blog.

So in case you missed it or just want something amazing to read, I want to share these recent posts from a few friends/family:

Gingersnaps, Yo! by Val. Seriously, these cookies are amazing. I have eaten more than a few myself. All her recipes are tried and true so you should browse her site, you very well might discover some new favorites!

In case you have ever wondered what it would be like to go camping with a 6 month old baby. “Epic calamity” was my two cents on her saga! It’s a little bit of a long post (hmm wonder why??? haha) but hang in there.. it gets very interesting. Only Cherry! Fortunately her cute baby Caiden is very resilient. 

Friendship is the name of the game, I so agree! Photo of the week, from our downtown eating outing, just totally says “summer!” to me!

I am a vessel. My uncle has thought deeply about tradition and the choices we make.

Too cute, I’m sorry, just too cute: this post from Holly about her super cool youngest daughter.

Little House on the Prairie? my cousin wrote this, about her experience with homeschooling. She is a smart and very thoughtful person, not at all shy to share her unique opinions, and I’m proud of her.

When change comes knocking, by a dear friend who is in the midst of a lot of transitions! Maybe you can identify. She also has many wise words to say about purity & following God.

and last but not least: My dad’s name is Larry. Wow, my brother J, aka Buckshot, can extract tears from people’s faces using only his words, as this Father’s Day post so clearly shows. “I like to think my childhood was built on his stories,” he writes about Dad, and I couldn’t agree more. We loved all his stories to the point of obsession:

Example: An acquaintance or stranger comes over to the pastor’s house for lunch.

The pastor’s kids say, “Dad! Tell them the one about the possum in the squirrel nest!!!” over and over until he gives in and tells it. Because it’s polite to tell all your childhood escapades when first meeting someone.


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