Thankful… image

for strength to do something that took courage this weekend. image

for fun nights with friends. For some reason God saw fit to put a completely normal person like me in a group of really odd friends, I will never understand it but I guess He works in mysterious ways! 😉 Ha. image

(Girl’s night: Wearing old grandma glasses, for fun. Looking at each other’s goofy childhood pictures, for fun. Painting aquariums on toenails, for fun.) image

for always having plenty of food to eat. image

for good times with cousins, & getting to see some out of town family for a bit.

that I’m slowly getting there cooking bacon to freeze & take to camp. I’m glad to be helping Miss Sonja out even in just a little way, she does so much. image

for phone calls with brother & dad.

for God’s goodness, patience, caring, that He loves the people I love, and that He’s still faithfully amazing even in situations I don’t know how to really deal with.

for lemon cake & tea at Val’s after a long overnight & day.image


2 thoughts on “Plenty

  1. Really love your photos and the way they look artsy, like I’m watching a good movie. Enjoyed your list of thanks that come for just being grateful for what is right in front of you. Nice to meet you through Ann’s place.

    • Oh wow, thank you! Actually you can thank instagram for contributing to the look of the photos as well. 🙂 But I do love capturing random little moments of life! Lots to be thankful for.

      I’m so glad you came by! I always see your picture on the link up so it is nice to connect! ~Frances

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