The summer we moved everything with the golf cart

I started thinking the other day about why I love summer. I even made a whole list of favorite summer things. And as I read back over it, I realized a good 85% of the list was camp-related.

I love camp. I loooove camp. I have spent some portion of every summer there for like the past 9 years. The best summers have been the ones I was there the most; the worst summer was the one I only spent a week, having prioritized a paid summer job I thought I “had” to have over camp. I was so miserable over that decision! And the reason why is a big chunk of my heart is at camp.

Going there in the summer feels just as much (or more) like going home than going to my actual house does. My little notes & jokes are permanently taped on the walls, my face is in the pictures, I have a favorite mug. I know how to get around it in the dark. People holler and hug and make a big deal when I show up. 

Camp is where I’ve made some of my greatest memories.

Camp has also been a refuge to me in the worst of times. 

Like the summer when my parents separated. Those were some really hard days. God knew I needed a safe place to be. I was surrounded by people who cared and who made me laugh and let me cry and brought me food.

“A friend loves at all times.” {Proverbs 17:17} These girls and others at camp lived out that verse and helped me make it through that summer.

(Camp was still in the startup stage so this particular summer was more full of work projects and such than actual camps with kids.. which is why we sortof had time for the goofing off..) 

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

[It rained and rained and rained the night my mom left, a few days before Father’s Day, 5 years ago.]

And though yes, there was a flood of rain and tears and pain…

there was also frog catching and mud fights and lagoon boating…

and playing baseball while wearing bubba teeth…

and reading God’s Word together while lounging in the sun..

and fun / ridiculous road trips with only one mix cd..

And of course, we had a blast serving the campers. We even did a little work, now and then! But we mostly used the golf cart for that.

[This post is dedicated to AB & Sarah & Val.}


2 thoughts on “The summer we moved everything with the golf cart

  1. Oh I love you girls, I almost cried a little when I read this. Those days at camp with all of you have always meant a lot to me! Thank you Frances for reminding me.

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