Certain Torments

Today, J got a Kenny G song stuck in my head, simply through text message: “Du da du, dadu dadu, da du da du…” (of course, he was just reminding me of one of my top twentyish favorite Psych moments).

Anyway, it made me think of this:

Being a Big Sister
By Frances 
April 24, 1998

Being a big sister means you have to undergo certain torments. Here are some examples:

1) Going to get a lawn chair and finding them securely roped together.

2) I’m tired and have just accwired permission to watch TV. Jepordy, one of my favorite shows, is beginning. I need to hurry. I plop down in a brown plush chair we dubbed “Jacob’s Chair.” I think smugly to myself, “I’m glad Jacob’s not here!” Of course, I could have sat on the couch, but, well, let’s just say that you sit there at your own risk. Well anyway, I had just begun to enjoy the show when I happened to set my hand on the arm rest and I felt a half-dried booger! You can bet I sat on the floor after that.

3) When Mom passed a truck on the interstate, Elijah stuck his tung out at it!


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