Yep, this is the place!

Wanting to know more about these subjects? .Got it all covered.  

I was amused to read through a list of search terms people have used to find my blog. (“Why is this phrase being googled in the first place??” I wondered, over and over.)

These are a few of the most bizarre ones:

Wearing aprons everyday. (I guess I recommend it?)

Books on car photography. (I can see how this got you here, but, I can also see how what you found wasn’t relevant or helpful at all.)

Roommate interaction. (Glad to help you waste some time on the internet.)

do miller moths pee. (Thank you father for this one. Totally your fault! But probably it was helpful in answering this question.)

Fill in the blank egg. (Not even sure what this means.)

Ingredients of the cupcakes and its nationality. (You might be able to gather “American”.. or perhaps the world of Dr. Seuss considering our outfits and craziness.)

Family with glasses. (Probably a disappointment. But maybe not?)

Epic blanket fort. (Oh yes. This was right on.)

T-shirts for Bible quizzing. (yay!…. except… all they learned from this was “pack more than one”.)

Which tree is egg carton from. (Maybe instead you should talk to your parents about this one? Or… a lumberjack somewhere?? Or maybe you shouldn’t think so hard about things?)

Aftermath of a party. (Cause those tea parties get crazy..)

Veggies you’ve never had. (I hope I influenced them!)


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