In the studio: a sorta rugged & manly photo book


This week I’m sharing a photo book I made as a graduation gift for J. I’ve tried to give each of the boys their own copies of some of their pictures from growing up. The others got regular photo albums, but, since J is the youngest and special and a little spoiled and all that, well, he got a fancy photo book.

Since it’s Jacob, and he’s a tad hard on things (understatement), I was excited to find this particular book. It’s spiral bound, not too big, has an elastic strap you can wrap around it to keep it together, and the paper is really thick and strong.

I ordered it from Paper Coterie and I have to say I was really happy with it! Something went wrong with their system and it wouldn’t actually put the order through, but they were really nice about it and ended up sending it to me for free so I would get it in time for his grad.

I just put in the photos, and left blank spaces for me to write in, because let’s face it, my sloppy handwriting is better than any font available it was easier + more fun and personal that way.

Winners of photographs. Here are a few more pages:

The boy loves his fishing. And these multiple crazy Instagrams from Christmas Eve are some of my favorites:

I know I wrote the word “cute” too many times and yes I put in some stickers, but I did try to make it a book a guy would like. And J certainly seemed to love it and laughed a lot over it so I’m satisfied!

Have a great weekend! šŸ™‚



One thought on “In the studio: a sorta rugged & manly photo book

  1. That is such a wonderful and special graduation gift! You can see the love you put into it. It is beautiful. Great job! I am so happy the company could help you out and then you received it in time. I have heard good things about them before!

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