More Miller poetry: a battle cry

So remember my Miller Moth poem? Well it was mentioned in a Huffington Post article! How crazy is that?? I’m humbled.. actually, just awfully proud of myself and big-headed about the whole thing. It’s hard to be humble when miller moths are involved. I wrote that poem from a place of anguish, ok? And to see it go places, well, that’s just a little way of standing up to those wretched flapping beasts! Wow.. 

Dad’s heavy-duty metal miller swatter

Anyway! Those millers continue to “inspire angry poetry” as shown in this delightful poem by my Dad! He wrote it, emailed it to me, and dared me not to put on my blog! So of course that brings us to now, when I publish it on the blog. Complete with pictures of my Dad in Miller-swatting action, via texts from my brother. You’re welcome Dad. 😉

I would say this poetry is best described as “quaint Southern rap.” Maybe?

IT’S “MILLER TIME” (not the drinking kind!)

By Dad

After dark,

As I get in from work,

I enter our walled-in porch.

Suddenly, I’m in an all-out war!

Yep, it’s “miller time”!

These moths are really flyin’,

An’ I’m loudly cryin’!

As I’m wildly swattin’

They keep on dodgin’

But I keep on tryin’!

So many of ‘em!

All with dirty, filthy wings,

Some peeing ugly stains!

Right around the light

Is a good place to fight!

Their dodging flights are skilled;

My swings are really wild!

But a few swats connect –

(I got two on a forehand, yep,

And one coming back!)

Jacob thinks it’s radical,

But to me it’s survival!

I won’t lay down my arms ‘til these millers are gone,

And the victory’s won!

{This should be some insight for anyone who ever wonders how I turned out so quirky and crazy. I came by it honest.
And I’m really very normal compared to the rest of my family. :)}


3 thoughts on “More Miller poetry: a battle cry

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