Miller Moths, or: crouching tiger, hidden miller

by Frances Patterson

All right, that’s it!
These things are more annoying than a raging zit.
Well maybe not quite.
But honestly! The way they flap around the light!
They bleed on our windows, and make everything a sight.
They project themselves at my hair in the middle of the night.
Their flying is stupid
Like a drugged cupid.
“If only they wouldn’t hide in the dishes!”
Everyone despairingly wishes.
They hide in my clothes, waiting to ambush me.
Fighting is detestable, I can only attempt to flee!
I’ve tried to be patient, sweet and kind
But these ugly moths are driving me out of my mind!


{I wrote this poem/rant back in high school, and read it to my friends in the dusty old barn loft at camp and got great feedback. 🙂 I am dedicating it now to all those back in Colorado who, due to a mild winter, are experiencing a crazy influx of millers. Stay strong friends!}


7 thoughts on “Miller Moths, or: crouching tiger, hidden miller

  1. I hate millers but not as much as a grasshopper epidemic which we experienced in Arizona once. There you would walk out at night and it would just be “CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH” with every step. EEW!

  2. Xoxoxoxo this is lovely. last night i was under attack from the nasty beasts. i opened the door from the house to the garage and it was a full on attack in the face. i screamed. Then remembered the herding techniques i perfected last year using my light from the cell phone. just consider me a miller wrangler.

    • Herding techniques: hilarious! Yes, you have to get creative. You learn to distrust everything- a shirt, a mug, a dark room- because it will likely contain millers and they’ll freak out and fly at your head!!

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