Weekend moments


Thankful for… 

A really great weekend.

{It was so relaxing and fun, that I just want to ramble on about it!}

Seriously, it was ideal in many ways. For my introverted self who needed a break, there was a big empty house (I was pet sitting for my aunt) conveniently located near where I could get my favorite sandwich and have a successful Goodwill trip. I could be quiet, read, write, doodle, sit in the sun, pet a cat and talk to a parrot.

image image

But I also had lots of fun times with my awesome friends. A typical game night with a big group of them, joking, laughing, telling stories… favorite. And then dinner with Han and Val and their husbands followed by watching Psych. Another favorite! When these particular friends get together, we tend to make a nicer meal and sit around the table and talk about all sorts of things… just majorly enjoying each other’s company. Later us girls painted our nails just for fun.

We had pork bbq sandwiches, coleslaw, beans, ice tea, baked potatoes, red velvet cupcakes, strawberries & cream and coffee. Delicious!! 


Sunday our church met in the hotel where Val & I went to Bible Quiz nationals back in the day. Seriously every room in that conference center is filled with memories! And it was a great service as always, I love my church.

Then some of us friends made breakfast & ate together, as we often do on Sundays after church. More fellowship.


Val, Skip & I loafed around and then went downtown, just to walk around the old market & go to a tea shop. More laughing and talking with two of my best friends.

A visit to Miss Mary, leaving with a smile on my face.

A visit with KB to see her great aunt & uncle and her grandma (they live at the same nursing home). We took down easter eggs from the Christmas tree and put up 4th of July decorations. 🙂 And some good funny chats with my roommie, we are hilarious together. I am blessed!

{Yes… that is two separate nursing home visits in one weekend, of my own free will, not work-related. I fully enjoyed both of them! So there.}


Last but not least, I made 2 awesome puns this weekend! And people laughed at them. I laughed the hardest, of course, but others laughed as well. 🙂

“When you relax, be sure to really relax.” (My aunt’s advice on caregiving). And that’s what I did this weekend, and I’m thankful for every moment!


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