Angry Birds cupcakes

Right about this time last year, it was a dark, cool night at the big red Dundee house, and Val and I decided to concoct something sweet as a last-minute celebration of her now-husband’s birthday.

Hmm.. what to make? Cupcakes, that’s the obvious choice.. ok how should we decorate them? Using only on-hand ingredients because this was not planned..


Some baked, frosted, shaved eyebrows from bars of dark chocolate, and in general slaved away..

And others loafed around and ate frosting and of course we all chatted vigorously in the way of the roommates of the big red house.

Then Val and I, wearing our similar outfits of crazy pj pants and aprons, delivered the goods to Skip.

This became one of our favorite baking memories! Angry Birds, cupcakes, birthdays, roommates, and crazy aprons.. a great combination if you ask me.


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