Oh, hello, Spring.. uh..

yeah, come on in! Sorry, I’m still in my warm pj pants, extra sweater, and fuzzy socks! It’s just that I wasn’t expecting you..

Do you want some.. hot chocolate? No? What about a candy cane?

I love the way you light up a room, Spring… exposing the layer of dust on everything.. so polite..

{If I were Spring, I would be late every year.. fashionably late..} Oh sorry Spring, what was that? What!? You want me to go outside??

But.. won’t my couch be lonely?

And remember, I’m allergic to you, Spring! Are you seriously here to stay?

Well.. ok then.


2 thoughts on “Oh, hello, Spring.. uh..

    • why thanks! 🙂 Spring is kinda pretty around here because we have things like rain and a lack of extreme winds!

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