{Heard of wildfires in my area of Colorado and our well house finally blew over after years of trying to and thinking of one year ago, a friends paralyzing accident and Miss Ruby died and I played violin at her funeral.. }

And March 17, 2012 was another sad day, bringing an early morning phone call to let me know a friend/student I have worked with/fellow Jamaica traveler died in a car accident.

{And my grandma had a fall and things with family were stressful and crazy. And work was the same way.}

I headed west for the funeral with Val & Skip and we arrived in the dark of Monday night.

Tuesday 750 people gather to remember and the church was packed, the stage coated with flower arrangements. In the back were dozens of photos. There was a slideshow of her life also, tragically similar to the one we should have watched at her graduation in May. Her three best friends from growing up sang along with the worship band. One of their dads, the pastor, and Mr. Rick, both having known her all her life, cry as they shared a message of hope.

*photo by Val Jantzen

“Emily, Kalyn, Krystal and Katie…” – we can’t stop saying the four of their names together, in the present, even though one of the friends is gone.

We are sad and we cry. I know that we did not gather to say our final goodbyes to Katie, because we will see her again soon. 

So many hugs.

So hard to see the great young guys, friends and younger brothers in Christ, as pallbearers. Wow.

I wear my Jamaica t-shirt with the God is Love quote on it.

I sleep on Val’s living room floor. Her siblings and I all stay up too late that night and just lounge around together, laughing and looking at pictures. The next morning Val covers me with Brett the blanket before walking across to her grandparents for early breakfast. She is a good friend. 🙂

Katie was given seventeen years of her earthly life. Now that she’s gone, we all think of how she spent it.

And we think of how we spend our days. Each day.

We aren’t guaranteed a long sequence of tomorrows.

(Video of some of us, including Katie, singing in Jamaica.)

(Life has been a lot crazy lately- sorry to have been so absent from the blog! I have some fun things planned and hopefully will post again soon. Thanks for your understanding!


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