At Rest

Thankful, today: 

For grey days and golden days.

For rest.. last week was exhausting. And you would think that we had to set our clocks 5 hours forward instead of just one, I’ve been so sleepy!

For a wonderful Friday night.. let me try to describe it:

  • Runza casserole, Cranberry Apple Cake, Dr. Pepper, crinkle cut french fries, a happily destroyed kitchen,
  • blankets + couches
  • 2 engineers playing with my slinky and enthusiastically discussing “the potential energy of water” or something, while meanwhile their 2 wives (former roomies/friends/sisters) squeal over pictures of puppies on the internet
  • also we went through an entire book of riddles and puzzles…
  • Pav trying to remember various nursery rhymes but mixing them all together.. like “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do; along came a spider, and sat down beside her… and frightened all the children away.” It was hilarious.

For patience, even when I don’t feel like I should have any left!

And for laughter, until I feel like I’d better breathe soon or I’ll die!

For Italian food night, yet another time of food plus friends plus San Juan (I love that game! Han and Pav and I are really into it right now).. and Chinese food plus cousins plus Snert. My aunt, concerned over caregiver stress, said to me a few weeks ago: “When you relax, be sure to really relax!” So that is what my weekends have been about lately!

That the Lord has been good to me. He’s changed my life so that I’m walking in His golden, warm light of life instead of lonely darkness. I’m blessed. Super blessed.


4 thoughts on “At Rest

  1. ‘a happily destroyed kitchen’ – I love this! And, my daughter and her husband are both engineers, of the ‘chemical’ type so I am very familiar with their peculiar interests in things the rest of us don’t notice! Blessings to you……hope you get caught up on that sleep, I’m really dragging today and could not imagine a five hour time change!

    • I know! Those are special people, those engineers. 🙂 I wonder if we ever sound as foreign to them as they do to us!
      Well sometimes it’s more happily destroyed than others.. haha.. but when it contributes to friends and fellowship then it’s worth the extra cleanup time!
      Thanks, so much, for your comment! And for stopping by! ~Frances

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