In the studio: Joy book & car photography

Hi there! So this week I worked on putting together my journal for Lent.

I’ve also been working on a few other projects but they are destined to be gifts so I must be secretive!

I’ve been using pastel springtime colors but also darker blacks and browns, I kindof like the contrast.

I want to do some cool things with quotes and verses and add that in.. we’ll see! As I go through this time before Easter I’m reading this book, I really recommend it.

I’m getting excited for it to be warm again.. there are some projects I want to work on but nobody wants to spray paint and such in a freezing cold garage! So I must wait.

I took this picture while sitting in my car.. I arrived a little too early for my overnight shift so I was waiting a bit and just watching the rain. I thought it was cool because through the blurry windshield, it captured perfectly what my eyes would see without my glasses on. 😉

It reminded me of another time I used my car in a picture, this time the roof. I was visiting my brother at school in Wyoming and got a chance to slip a ways out of town and watch this wonderful sunset:

Happy Friday! ~Frances



9 thoughts on “In the studio: Joy book & car photography

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! I don’t really know what I’m doing, I just have fun taking pictures! That sunset one I took with my old phone, actually!

  1. I. want. to. spray. paint. ok so i even tried. it was on the vintage bedframe for baby elsas upgrade. so i figured if i did it in the garage surely having the door closed would up the temp by a good 40 degrees. but i am sorry to say that didn’t happen, i only got fumigated and the spray froze into a strange powdercoat on everything but the frame….o pleeeeeeease hurry up spring!!!!!

    • Uh, yeah, pretty sure I had a similar experience earlier this winter! Hahaha! Can’t be healthy! 😉 A vintage bedframe?? That sounds really fun! If spring ever comes and you get it successfully spray painted you should take pictures of it!

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