End of summer / Birthday / Tea / Garden Party!

You are invited… to a walk down memory lane! We will be strolling back to a sunnier, warmer time, when the grass was mostly brown green (long story), the tea was ice cold, and birthdays were in need of celebration.

Yep, you’ve come to the right house! And it is the right day, even! Good job with the time travel. (I won’t name names but Hanner-Nanner arrived precisely one week early.. in real life… it scared us both a bit!) 

Welcome! To the best garden party ever!

Would you like some tea?? You can find some of the tea recipes here from Southern Living, I highly recommend them, we made Honey-Ginger Sweet Tea, Blackberry Sweet Tea, Citrus Sweet Tea, and unsweetened Earl Grey.

And of course, if we give you tea, you’ll want food to go with it. The menu included chocolate cherry mousse cups, fruit and lemon crepes, fruit and marshmallow skewers, and various kinds of breads and cookies:

And you’ll probably want a chair to sit in while you eat the food, and people to talk with:

Perhaps Val will share one of her funny stories…

{Go ahead, kick off your shoes and settle in!}

Please drink more tea, and eat more food, sporadically and whenever you want to, until your heart is racing and you have a terrific sugar high.

What? You feel like you can’t sit still any longer? Well, ok… how about voting:

Or some civilized games?

And don’t forget to take pictures with friends, and high-five the birthday girls!

If you happen to be a six-year-old girl, or her twenty-five-year-old cousin, there is always chalk drawing to do:

The beautiful, sticky aftermath of a good garden party:

Thanks for coming! Grab an {imaginary} favor on your way out!

Heheh.. hope you enjoyed seeing some pictures of one of the best parties I’ve ever helped put on, it has brightened my day just to remember it!

Thanks for coming by!

{Minibook of this garden party}


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