In the studio: Jamaica minibook

This week I worked on finishing my journal/minibook from my missions trip to Jamaica earlier this month. I haven’t printed off any pictures from the trip, so I still need to do that and add some of them in. This was more of a journal though so I haven’t focused as much on photos.

A few things I used throughout the book: bold words & phrases from 1 Peter (the portion of the Bible the students and I were memorizing this year) and some paint chips and pictures.

I used colors that make me think of the island: black, green & gold of course, and ocean colors.

I love this way of journaling because it is so easy to include lots of random things that I as a pack rat like to hold on to: thank you notes, receipts, tickets, etc. {And yes it is a thrilling experience to buy things in Jamaica! Not every day I spend over a thousand dollars on soda and spices!}Ā 

I included some Brian Regan quotes to sustain me in times of air travel.

I was wishin, wishin upon a STAR!Ā 

I also printed out a wordle of 1 Peter chapter 1 and put that in.

This journal is full of thanks and excitement and love.. lots of overflowing things I hastily scrawled down because I just don’t have time to process them while we are there. But it is a joy to remember them now.

And I have started assembling my next minibook: for Lent! The days leading up to Easter are a favorite time of the year.

Oh man… I just love colors, and paper, and pictures, and words! šŸ™‚ Also, this is my 100th post! Thanks for all the encouragement and for letting me share what I’ve been up to!

Happy weekend!



7 thoughts on “In the studio: Jamaica minibook

  1. I love this! I never thought about using a wordle in this way before…but it is wonderful (more ideas being sparked even as I write this…).

    Thanks so much for sharing this week and passing your “spark” on!

    • Thanks a bunch! Yes.. I like the colors too.. and beautiful mess making is a specialty of mine! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for coming by! ~Frances

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