A sophisticated Thursday night

Text conversation: 

K: You guys still hanging out?

FP: You know it

K: I’m on my way… ps I look like a bum

FP: well bad news I look fabulous

… And then this happened: 

{To explain.. a little bit.. Keledge always says she looks sloppy and so this time, KayBay and I decided to run to our rooms and dress formally and pose in the living room holding empty goblets when she came in the door.}

{And then we took pictures.}

{And then Keledge edited a picture and sent it to me.. because clearly my legs needed more evident hair, and a huge bullet hole or mole or whatever.}

{There tends to be a lot of outrageousness when the three of us get together.}

{That might be an understatement.}

{And sometimes aren’t the best pictures the ones that are all blurry because the photographer is shaking with laughter??} 


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