Nothing but hot Eyre

Sunday afternoon I took a nap. And then instead of getting up, I took another nap! Still catching up from my travels I think!

Before this nap those naps, I watched the new Jane Eyre movie. (If you’ve never read the book or watched the movie but are planning to sometime, I’ll try not to spoil it for you!)

So when I awoke from nap #2, the first thing my glasses-less eyes spotted was the wardrobe cabinet thing in my room. Very similar to Jane’s in the movie. And associated with a creepy nighttime scene. That was unsettling.

And then… I drowsily began to notice a very strong, smoky scent. Gasp!!! I froze for a bit.. and then realizing that there were no flames and no draperies and I was not in a gloomy, isolated country house…..I got up and wandered downstairs to find that KayBay had baked salmon for supper and it had filled the house with a bit of a charred essence.

Well, I knew something was fishy.


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