In the studio: Art in Jamaica

Hard to take a bad picture in this beautiful place! But I still find a way! This week I’m weeding through and editing pictures from my most recent trip to Jamaica. And enjoying the sunshine and memories contained in them. And wanting to share some with you! 🙂

Primary colors in a primary school. 🙂

Hmm noticing a trend. Doesn’t matter where I go, I love taking close-up pictures of leaves!

Those pink flowers are there one day, and then the next are wilted on the ground. And yet God puts so much detail and vibrant color into each one. Amazing!



4 thoughts on “In the studio: Art in Jamaica

  1. Wow… your photos are beautiful Frances! All the details, all the colors, all the textures. Love it all! What an amazing pink flower HE created there. So glad you shared your trip photos with us. Can not wait to see more! 🙂

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