Thank you, Lord, for… 
– People with caring hearts who are kind enough to send money & prayers & encouragement to help me go to Jamaica (in 6 days!)
– Chances to make friends laugh. I love making people laugh!
– French toast, eggs (scrambled.. we eat them as well as we are able), peaches & coffee.. Sunday morning breakfast with best friends.
– Encouragement for the “in between” from my pastor, living in this time, caring for the hurting… still thinking on this.
– Hugs from cousins.
– Not being able to “work up” much excitement for my missions trip.. it’s ok. Somehow, I never get that excited, until I am actually on the plane, actually with the people, and in the middle of a flood of amazing moments.
– Being a stay-at-home kind of person, that God likes to stretch from time to time. Because even the most loyal stay-at-home person would not want to miss the magic of living hope, speaking and hearing joy (God’s Word!) and seeing the glory of His creative nature in a sunshiney place like Jamaica.
(Thanks for your prayers, as I prepare to ditch the US for a week and travel with a fun and dorky group of teens & leaders, including my dad, to help with the Bible Quizzing ministry in Montego Bay!)



2 thoughts on “In-between

  1. Such a beautiful list of gifts!! How exciting to be going to Jamaica! Encouragement is such an amazing gift. Can not wait to hear about your trip. I’m sure it will be an awesome experience! Praying for safe travels!

    • Thank you!! Yes, it is a great opportunity! And Jamaica is an awesome place! Thanks a bunch for praying! I really appreciate it! 🙂 Pictures and stories to come I’m sure! ~Frances

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