In the studio: Garden Party mini-book

This week I mostly finished a little scrapbook of the multiFUNctional party we had back in August!

It was a great time! And I definitely want to remember it! From Hanna showing up exactly one week early, to Val making a very strange indian inspired doodad to fancy up her hat, to amazing food and tea and games and friends… it was wonderful!

It really was cloudy and drizzly right up until 30 minutes before the party… and then it cleared and got hot and sunny and beautiful! Perfect! I was praising God because my last ditch house cleaning efforts (to move the party indoors) were proving ineffective.

(Guess who won?)

Heheh, our favorite funny storyteller! I tease, because I love.

One day soon I will post the pictures and maybe a few more recipes from the party!

Happy Friday!



15 thoughts on “In the studio: Garden Party mini-book

    • Thanks! Yes, it was really easy to make actually and I’m glad I can pull it out and remember that fun day! 🙂 Thanks for coming by! ~Frances

  1. I am collecting a box of scraps of paper, half used spiral notebooks, this and that…I have grand intentions of making a cute little art journal book like this…yours is so inspiring!

    • That’s awesome! Yes, I loved doing this, because it was a really easy way to incorporate lots of random stuff like leftover signs and paper scraps. And I found it was something I could actually carry through and complete, which for me is a great accomplishment! So if you are like me in that way at all, be encouraged! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by! ~Frances

  2. I adore this mini-book idea. You have inspired me to make some of our trips to the museums and other fun trips where we have tickets, brochures, etc. and don’t want to buy pre-made albums to put them in.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and recommending Alan Bradley – how in the world have I missed him? Should I start with “The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie”? Can I read these aloud with my children since Flavia is 11? I’m so excited! You made my weekend.

    xoxo michele

    • Yes, I am the same way where I like to keep tickets, programs, and random other things… which are really easy to include in a little book like that one! And not be sitting in a pile somewhere, which is what usually happens with me 🙂

      Yeah, my aunt recommended the books to me- had never heard of them before! But they are pretty fantastic! I am reading the second one right now. So yes, start with “the sweetness at the bottom of the pie.” And I would say it would be OK to read aloud! It’s interesting because they aren’t necessarily written as children/young adult books, it’s just that the heroine happens to be 11.. but at the same time there wasn’t anything that raised a “red flag” that made it inappropriate or too scary or anything.

      So, you might just want to skim through it just to check, because you know your own kids best, but I bet they would enjoy it! 🙂 It’s fun that Flavia is so into chemistry, and with her quirks and detective instincts is a very unique 11 year old!

    • P.S. here is a quote from the book that definitely made me think of you & your blog!

      “As I stood outside in Cow Lane, it occurred to me that Heaven must be a place where the library is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

      No … eight days a week.”


    • Ok, as I’m reading the second book… i’m noticing a little more intense/scary situations and some language.. as far as mysteries go, not that bad, but as far as a book appropriate for kids, maybe pushing it. Just FYI!

    • Haha, well, I don’t like being centered and uniform, so that probably explains the different sizes! I like it though, it was a fun project! ~Frances

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