A Day Off for Frances

On Monday, I had a little thought whisp across my mind. It wasn’t even an official thought or prayer or anything, simply: “I need a day off sometime.” (Apparently the weekend that just happened, had not been enough!)

And come Tuesday, surprise! Here’s a day off, Frances. I have a good Father.

I was at work, after barely winning a wrestling match with gravity and my comfy bed and my alarm clock, and not packing enough lunch and it was the exact same food as yesterday… sitting there as my lady slept in a while longer.. and then I experienced that awkward moment when another caregiver walks in and we both look at each other like, “Oh hi! Wait, what…. ???”

I wasn’t the one with the mixed up schedule, this time, but she seemed to really want to work that day.. it worked out either way… and so, I let her! And walked back out to my car, with the day wide and free.

I ate out for lunch and read, ran some errands (not fun but necessary), then went home, took a long nap and watched episodes of the office, and started working on a new crochet project. Then I went to a basketball game with my cousins and aunt.

And it was good. The funny thing about my work as a Caregiver is that I get a wide range of comments from people when they first hear what I do. From “it takes a special person to do that,” to this one from last week, “So you basically get paid to sit with them all day?”

Ugh! This one… rankled me a bit. Because #1, no we don’t “just sit”.. it is so much more than that… and also #2, Have you ever “just sat” with a person with Alzheimer’s? Even for “just” an hour? You may be in a comfy recliner but you quickly come to the brink your own patience and sanity.

Yeah, “just sitting” for an hour, answering questions about the number of lamps in the room, the number of light bulbs in each, what they look like, and going through the process of using the walker and gait belt to help her stand and walk to each lamp to make sure it is there, then sitting back down, then helping her make illegible notes about the lamps and answering more questions, then repeating the whole process again… and again… and again…

{And of course, trying to redirect- reassure- change the subject- etc… but sometimes it just doesn’t work for a while. And that in itself takes much mental energy!}

So you might be able to tell why I was ready for a day off. 🙂 Still love it! Just needed a break!

Also, I am loving being this age:

{my birthday candles, resting in another dusty candle, zapped by today's morning sun}


2 thoughts on “A Day Off for Frances

  1. I was visiting from In The Studio, and ran across this post. Thank you for being a caregiver. We have a caregiver for our son, and I don’t know how we would get along without her.


    • Oh wow, thanks so much for saying that! How encouraging. I know through experiences with my own grandparents, I am so thankful for caregivers.. what a difference it can make to have some help. So I’m glad you have a caregiver. 🙂
      Thanks again for your kind comment! ~Frances

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