Friday Doodles

Happy Friday! To celebrate, I took a very wise person’s suggestion and uploaded a doodle to and goofed around with it:

And it was a lot of fun!

Ooh! This looks kinda like stained glass!

All in the spirit of taking my own advice and having a little fun! I would say this was a success!

(Speaking of fun… my dad emailed me after reading my post yesterday to say how much he enjoyed the Mary Maxwell videos on the caregiver site. She really is a hoot! If you have seniors in your life OR are aging yourself AND like to laugh, you have to see this video, a funny prayer about getting older.)



11 thoughts on “Friday Doodles

  1. Love the colors! Especially the second one, Frances. And I read your “about” page. I read the Frances books to my daughter when she was little (she’s 14 now). “Bedtime for Frances” is one of my favorites šŸ™‚

    • Thanks! And awww, I always love running into others who know the Frances the Badger series! I think Bread and Jam for Frances is my favorite, but they are all so good! šŸ™‚ thank you for your comment and for coming by! ~Frances

  2. That was so cool to see – I played around with this program last year but had forgotten about it – each iteration of your doodle looks great! (Coming in from Sneak Peek)…


    • Oh thanks! It was fun, takes no time at all to see different versions! Thanks so much for stopping by, I love Fridays! ~Frances

    • Haha, maybe I should have specified.. “very doodle and fun internet time wasters” wise. šŸ™‚ and yeah, totally fun! I need to restock on sharpies.

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