Care-heart hurting

Whew. It is a tough day. I have heard too much news of a sad nature, news I do not like to hear, that loved ones are aging and their health is declining. Folks back in Colorado, and not one but both of my ladies that I am a caregiver for, are suffering.

The one I have been with the longest, for over 2 years, had a stroke and will not be returning home. My heart is broken for her… because I know that being in her own home, with what independence she could have, meant a LOT to her… she is of a more stubborn, independent nature which ahem, I can identify with.

I will greatly miss being one of her caregivers. It was difficult to earn her trust and learn how to best care for her, yet eventually we established a comfortable rhythm. All the little things, habits and preferences, keep coming to mind today-

hot, dark coffee, made just right. always, the coffee. 🙂
danishes. a blue blanket with clouds on it.
roses. the catholic channel. hank the cowdog.
the bohemian cafe. jamocha shakes from arby’s.
being called a variety of things.. from “the kid” to “Old Faithful.”
lights on the Christmas tree, left up as long as possible.
that she always recognized my voice.
sitting out on the porch. praying together when her back really hurt.
rare but celebrated moments of laughter and joking.

Remembering, that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted… He is always ready to be a refuge to those who are in the middle of troubles… and He hears when we cry out to Him. He is good.

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