Messy, scattered light

{Puffball mushroom in our pasture... they can contain billions of spores, amazing!}

As I turn to a new year, my second year of keeping a list of gifts, I remember that this habit is an everyday choice. A little discipline. Each small line of gratitude grows my faith and shrinks my fear. I have seen it in my life, the beginning of this change, and I know it is worth keeping after.

I choose joy, I choose to celebrate what comes from the creative hands of my good Father who rewards those who seek Him.

More gifts, on the way to a fresh 1,000:

… the thought of the beautiful Montego Bay (returning to Jamaica in less than 4 weeks, Lord willing!).
… people being kind even when it’s hard.
… pictures on our fridge that make me smile.
… beautiful clear sunlight in a season that is usually dark.
… my friends, they are good for me. I love laughing with them.

Light is sown like seed for the righteous

And gladness for the upright in heart.

-Psalm 97:11 NASB


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