Christmas 2011 in a few snapshots

Because really, words do not do it justice…

J, me, and Eli spent Christmas Eve in our newly constructed blanket fort, toasting mini marshmallows over an ipod fire. It was enchanting and cozy. We watched movies and checked at midnight and in general had a great time just being with each other.

It was pretty low-key, although VERY fun… we tried to save the real craziness for when brother and sis in law arrived!

We siblings have a wacky tradition, a night of epic costumes and game playing and “mixed drinks”.. I’m always impressed with what they come up with for costumes! (well, except for that one year, when Joe’s “costume” really didn’t live up to our standards.. it was lame, ok?… and we were all disappointed in him.. and now we never let him forget it.) 

(From left) J as a Scottish Wolverine, duh… Eli’s trademark flannel/fur/many layers approach… myself as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer (mostly inspired by this beloved weedio)… Joe as this very creepy doctor/villain figure.. and Crystal the newby in an inspiring selection of scarves and boots. (For the record- she definitely beat out Joe’s record low year! So it was a successful first showing. Imagine, going from being an only child all your life to suddenly being part of this band of crazies… I am pretty proud of my new sister in law!)

Joe in those glasses… baffling! Terrifying!

Despite various colds among the family, other challenges, and our highly competitive natures when playing board games, we had a great time together. I am so thankful for my zany, wonderful family!

Till next year…



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