I am not jumping in to the new year. I don’t have any resolutions. I have not unpacked from my travels or done dishes or much of anything, really.

I have been so tired. It isn’t like me. There is something about the climate when I go home to Colorado, my allergies nearly always act up badly, so I was sick and not sleeping much for several days. And now, slow recovery. Very slow. I feel pretty much fine, except for being so tired.

It’s been very enjoyable though. I ended up having some extra time off work, so…
I’ve sat around. Taken a  walk. Made a yummy breakfast. Gone to bed early. Observed the sunlight at different points of the day. Read. Watched a movie. Slept.

One of my dear clients, who has dementia, often has a tough time going to sleep because she gets very anxious and worries over things beyond her control, over and over and over. Sometimes I am the same way. I don’t want to be. So that was one reason I chose “Peace” as my theme for Advent. To learn to toss off my worries, letting go, leaving things in the hands of my Father who watches over me, day and night.

Resting, waiting, looking, being still, taking slow steps in the light, here at the start of 2012.


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