Awkward Family Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… perfectly wrapped presents… everyone dressed up in nice Christmas outfits…

nope, not our style at all! My family is more of a… try to have a campfire even in the dead of winter when it’s freezing, presents wrapped in Walmart bags, people dressed in brother’s hoodies and Dad’s slippers (who, me? Nah…).

So why should we take normal family pictures? Over Thanksgiving, I tried to get the boys and the new sis-in-law together for a good picture for my dad’s support letter… knowing it was a fool’s errand but giving it a shot anyway.

The good news? The many rejects are downright hilarious, and I’m happy to share them with you! A smile, a gasp of laughter, a shaking of the head.. those are my gifts to you. Merry Christmas!!!

Usually Buckshot (bottom right) is the problematic picture guy, always ready with a funny face. But this time it was really more about Eli (bottom left). He still had his mountain man hair and some sort of a weird, loony attitude.

About 3 pictures in. Yeah, this is going well..  

Sibling love.

Notice the despair in the eyes of the 3 of us on the couch. Hahaha… so hard not to laugh at those guys, though! My brothers are funnnny.

Gotta sneak in a pic of Joey the Cowdog!



2 thoughts on “Awkward Family Christmas

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