Monday New Song

Today, I don’t really have much to say, feeling pretty brain dead! But I want to share something I’ve been singing and listening to a lot- this song is like truth settling into my heart and mind, speaking to me that God. is. good. and He loves me

Your goodness is near to me.
Your mercy is close to me.
Your grace is more than enough for me.
My God is good to me, He’s so good to me.

Praise the Lord, with all that I have I will sing. Praise the Lord, for He is good to me. I was broken and desperate, lost and alone, You came and You found me and called me Your own. For all You have done and the life that You bring, forever my heart and my soul will sing.

Your faithfulness is before me.
Your hope it surrounds me.
Your love is all that I need.
My God is good to me, He’s so good to me.
-Good to Me, by Ben Fischer

(Needing some new music to listen to? My church just put out their first worship CD, this is one of the songs from the album. It is really good! For a limited time you can listen to the whole album here for free.)

#3015: that You are near, not far.
#3016: that You are not one who forces or manipulates… You long for a response of love to love.
#3017: Peace.


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