In the Studio: Photos & Christmas Decorations

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by to see what creativity I’ve been up to this week!

Um, the weather has been so interesting. “Is it spring?” I asked myself earlier this week. Nope, it’s definitely winter still.. darn. At any rate, it’s been kinda fascinating and I’ve enjoyed taking a few pictures.

It’s been a reminder that God is always doing new things, and of all the colors in His creation.. I tend to resign myself to months of white and dirty brown and stop looking around as much for beauty.

I’ve also had a fun time doing some Christmas decorating!

(A tutorial for the mini treeA little tour around my place and see our Christmas decorations.)

I also painted this board to hang in our dining room. It’s a good reminder of who exactly came at Christmas! Hope you all experience the peace that comes from knowing this amazing Savior personally this season! Merry Christmas!!



6 thoughts on “In the Studio: Photos & Christmas Decorations

    • I know! Makes me wonder what January and February will be like! Those fluffy snow pictures you got (of the snow on branches) are fantastic, though! So peaceful! ~Frances

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