Egg Carton Tree How-To

Remember this tree from my table centerpiece? The one that looks sortof like a pinecone, sortof like a tree? I talked about it the other day, and promised to show you how I did it. Well I’m making good on that promise!

Today I’m linking up with the Christmas tree party at Five Days, Five Ways, which is fitting because that’s where I got the original idea for egg carton flowers! They are the basic inspirational idea for this tree, so head over there for details on how to make them and other, probably better ideas on what to do with them!

Egg Carton Christmas Tree
You’ll need… several egg cartons,
a styrofoam Christmas tree form OR a big old plastic cup that has seen better days (guess which one I used),
a hot glue gun (for this one, I mostly used my hi-temp one),
spray paint,
and small beads.

Cut the egg cartons up until they resemble flowers.. you don’t have to be too precise.

If you are using the plastic cup for a form, glue one of the egg carton cups upside-down to the top to make it tree-shaped. Then glue the “flowers” all around the tree. (I only used one-layer flowers.)

My mind was kindof jumbled all throughout this experiment… looking back, I know now: Yes, paint everything separately before gluing it together, since I was using a hot pink cup, but no, put the beads in afterwards (that should have been obvious.. oh well! haha).

After it’s all painted, glue beads into the center of each flower, and you’ll be good to go.

So, not much of a fancy step-by-step tutorial… but I think it gives you the general idea!


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