Around the house at Christmas, Part 1

Hello! Welcome to my place! Today I’m giving a little peek at some of the Christmas decorations my roommate and I have put up (largely thanks to several snow days where we didn’t have anything better to do). I still have several crafty things in the works but here is the magic so far!

Christmas version of our living room bookshelf! (Isn’t it a beautiful shelf? I love it.)

And yes, there is a story behind the weird bronzey statues of athletes, and no I will not get rid of them. I am strangely attached. (Unlike some of their arms! 🙂 )

I made this for the dining room, it’s just a board.. I kept painting over botched up experiments and this was the eventual result!

Mantle- not quite done with it yet. Nor do I have a fantastic picture of it. But there you go.

Made this wreath using rolled up strips of craft paper (inspired by the garlands in this post) and cranberries. It turned out a little lopsided but fun!!

The roomies and I have always loved handmade, kinda goofy lookin’ Christmas decorations (the year where we transitioned our dorm decorations from Halloween clear to St. Patrick’s Day, for example, is widely considered to be one of the best ever) and I think those make for the best memories!

Consider that a heads up, because coming later this week: a picture of a tree that will make you wrinkle your chin and then laugh a little.


10 thoughts on “Around the house at Christmas, Part 1

    • Thanks! This year my pastor is going through the names in that verse.. this last Sunday was Mighty God. It’s been really amazing. So it’s nice to have that reminder on the wall 🙂

  1. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! In fact, I’d like to invite you to share especially your wreath decoration with my Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt today. I’d love to see you there!

    • 🙂 Thanks!! Yeah, those bookshelves are awesome. The last two houses I’ve lived in have had the most unique built in bookshelves, and I’ve loved it! Maybe a little too much! I will be in serious trouble if I ever move somewhere that doesn’t have lots of shelves.

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