Monday Stillness & Snow

What a beautiful snow. Quiet. A space to hear. A new realization of the many many gifts I have been given. Here’s counting out a few more… 

2945. Old roomie Han, Caleb, and all her crazy siblings appearing at our door in the snowy night, stomping and caroling and giving out multiple hugs! Made our spirits bright, for sure!

2961. Contentment. And new situations for learning contentment.

2963. Two of my best friends who are very much family, not just on the warm fuzzy days but also on the stressful/exhausted from school/car trouble type of days. (Pray for them as they have a pretty full plate of things to trust God with this week!)  

Edit: yep… hard times seem to remind me how rich I am in friends. Dear Val was sweet and typed up this “recipe of our friendship” on her food blog today, and I just have to include this photo from her wedding because I love it (and her) so much!


2971. That You are a refuge from the storm. (God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1, our camp theme verse, that I come back to over and over.)


2 thoughts on “Monday Stillness & Snow

    • Haha! I love puns! I think we need to be friends! 😉 It is actually an exercise/monkey bars type thing that is in my neighborhood park.. just looking straight through the row of rings. I took a better picture like that in the fall, of course now I can’t find it.. but I like the different view! ~Frances

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