In the Studio: Advent Journal

Traditions are a great thing about this time of year, aren’t they? These 3-Dimensional snowflakes, for example. My roommates and I have greatly enjoyed making these together for several years now. The first time I tried to make them, though, I only watched half of the tutorial video and thought, “Yeah, ok, I’ve got this.” Then proceeded to make the most wretched looking 2 dimensional snowflake ever. It was quickly placed on the “wall of shame” that the roomies lovingly produced for me that year. πŸ™‚

I made a bunch of these last year for one of my clients, it was her first holiday season without her husband and she just didn’t want to put up any of her decorations. I knew she had a soft spot for me though and maybe if I made her some things myself, she would open up to some Christmas cheer? She loved them, so I made her some more this year for her window at the nursing home.

I almost let the feeling of busyness get in the way of one of my personal favorite traditions: making an Advent journal. As you can see, some years I do it and some years I don’t…

… but I always get so much out of it when I make one. It’s simply a little handmade journal/scrapbook just for the weeks of Advent. Keeping one helps me focus in on this special season (I usually go through this book, too, so good), and I love being able to look back through the old ones and get a snapshot of what my life was like and what I learned each year.

I had printed off a bunch of photos from October, more than I needed to really, so I went through and picked out the ones that had the colors I wanted and I’m including them in the journal.

Kinda just using what I already had on hand, but I love how it is turning out! Now I just need to put it together and scatter in a bunch of blank journal pages. My theme for this year is turning out to be “Peace”, I have been looking up verses with that word in them because, well, I realized I am desperately needing to understand and rely on God’s peace.

Hope you are able to get to know Peace a little better this month, too. Thanks for stopping by!



15 thoughts on “In the Studio: Advent Journal

    • πŸ™‚ Actually I think I originally got the idea because I was running out of journal space but didn’t want to spend money on a new one since I was saving up for Christmas gifts.. so I just made one myself! Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Thanks for stopping by! ~Frances

    • Thanks! I didn’t have grand intentions when I first started making them, but it’s become something I really enjoy! I like simple traditions πŸ™‚ ~Frances

  1. Oh this is such a neat idea! I have never seen and Advent journal before. I just love it! I can see how it would help you keep focused on the season. I love your peace theme this year. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us ‘in the studio’!

    • Why thanks! Yes, out of anything else I’ve made, I enjoy looking back through the Advent journals the most. πŸ™‚ ~Frances

    • Aw, thank you! Some of those photos, I didn’t see much potential.. but with the verses and grouped together, yep I am loving it! Thanks so much for coming by! ~Frances

    • Thanks a lot. Yes, it has been a beautiful year. πŸ™‚ That is encouraging to hear because I am kindof missing last year.. it can be harder to appreciate the present!! ~Frances

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