Monday gleam

Here, at the end of lots of driving back and forth across the state, mind still a little mushy and tired… I’ll take a moment to pause and thank God for more of His wonderful gifts in my life: 

2959. Morning sunshine and quiet.

2960. More driving into the sunset, driving home. (I have loved this verse for a long time: The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. -Prov. 4:18)

2961. A ridiculously adorable cowdog:

2962: A beautiful sunset view of the canyons.. and then a mad dash back to the car because it was outrageously windy and cold and dark.

2963. That Thanksgiving weekend included a lotta this: Laughter and storytelling.

2964. Making biscuits n gravy with mountain man brother Eli. It was soooo great to be with all the brothers again, and new sis in law as well. Love them.


6 thoughts on “Monday gleam

    • Well thanks! Ha, whoops, I should have credited my brother Joe for the canyon and dog pics.. they were from his camera. And he is an actual good camera weilder, smart picture-taker person! Unlike me! Heheh… I actually just use my phone (a droid) most of the time. It’s easy to remember to carry around and it actually takes pretty nice pictures, especially outside.
      So, it’s just a fun experience of making do with what I have, my favorite thing about it is how it helps me slow down and notice details in God’s creation. 🙂 Although I don’t have super-cute kids to take pictures of like you do!

    • Why thank you! And that’s what I thought, we have played it so much that I am very familiar with the game… although, was not very good at it over Thanksgiving! Oh well! I like that it doesn’t take very long. 🙂 ~Frances

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