Monday gifts: Small, big, beautiful.

Gifts that I am thankful for today…

2903. A cup of tea in the morning. 

2904. A beautiful performance of the Messiah yesterday, enjoyed with a whole row of family and friends. And at intermission, hearing the music of their friendly chatter in Chinese, English, Spanish, and laughter.

2905. A cozy house full of yummy food and great friends at our 3rd annual “Fiesta of Deliciousness.” Games, laughter, FOOD, the blessing of godly friendship. I am so happy to have those gifts.

2906. Being on the road a lot. All the small adventures I get to have. How tired I feel sometimes.

2907. Big things. I have been given things that are completely beyond me, decisions, situations, both good and bad, I do not understand them whatsoever. Thank goodness that I am not a hero. I don’t need to fix everything myself. The encouragement in the Bible of those who have walked this way before me reminds me that I can bumble about, fail repeatedly, lose my checkbook, not say the perfect thing, melt half of a plastic mixing spoon… keeping up a hunger and thirst for righteousness, and I will be filled… coming to humility, and receiving the kingdom of heaven. Walking, a step at a time, by faith.

2908. Monday mornings. Sometimes the weight of these things comes crashing down on the beginning of the week… I am so glad that Mondays are the special counting-gifts days. So that I am reminded not to rush, to move through the moments at a thankful pace.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
(Hebrews 11:1 ESV) 


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