In the studio: History of an alphabet blanket & Circus shower success

The Circus Baby Shower turned out amazingly fun! Read all about it and see more pictures here.

I had a busy weekend, what with finishing up my handmade gift, preparing games and prizes for the shower, driving across the state and back, and also a little 5 a.m. breakfast-cooking-for-pheasant-hunters-camp thrown in. (Yes, I usually like to cram as much in as I possibly can.) 

Let’s travel back, to the year 2008. I was living in the lovely 628 dorm with my wonderful roommates. This was an iconic year, the year where we transitioned our decorations gracefully from holiday to holiday… transforming our halloween kleenex ghosts into the ghosts of Romeo and Juliet for the Valentine’s Day tree, for example. 🙂

Note the tree to the left in the picture. Also note, that I am wearing summer clothes, while clearly it’s February. I think I was mad at winter that day. Note that I am “teaching” my roommie Alyssa to crochet, when in reality, I have no idea how to do so myself. (My grandma bursts into laughter every time she sees something I made… apparently it looks like knitting. All I know is I figured out a way to make yarn stay together, which was all I wanted.)  

The baby blanket began with me making a red square and adding a zig zag pattern. Alyssa took one look and said, “That looks like a V! You should do the whole alphabet!” So I took that idea and ran with it! Slowly. Very slowly. 

These are the first 4 letters I made. Because really, everything should start there.

I had no idea how it would turn out. I planned on it looking very imperfect and handmade, so I accomplished that goal!  It is warm and fun and very colorful. I made a lot of letters with felt, then stitched them on with embroidery floss. I was disappointed I ran out of time and ideas to put something in the 4 empty middle squares.

Imperfect or not, I’m so happy I finally finished it. It’s been nearly 4 years since I started! Got ‘er done just in time for Cherry’s first baby. (We’ve been friends for 17 years, isn’t that amazing? Pray for her as she is on bed rest, looks like baby is coming early.)  

Next up… decorating for the 3rd annual “Fiesta of Deliciousness,” basically an excuse for a group of my friends to cook and gather and eat!



8 thoughts on “In the studio: History of an alphabet blanket & Circus shower success

  1. Your quilt makes me think of that pop artist that did the squares with the letters in them. (I have just spent 30min googling to find his name with no luck. Hope you know who I mean. Thank you for sharing with us! visiting from studio JRU.

    • Hmm.. yes, I think I know what you mean but I can’t come up with the name either! Lol! So annoying when that happens! 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Happy Thanksgiving! ~Frances

    • Aw, thanks! Heheh it was definitely a fun adventure making it! Thank you for the comment, hope you have a great Thanksgiving! ~Frances

    • Yes, the fiesta of deliciousness was a lot of fun! Probably the best year yet! And thanks for your prayers, Cherry is getting very bored with the bed rest but thankfully is doing ok. ~Frances

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