Amazing Circus Baby Shower

Last weekend was the baby shower for my long time wonderful friend, Cherry. It was circus themed, which was a brilliant and fun idea. Fortunately her Aunt Holly (decorations, etc.) and mom (cakes) are also the type to go overboard with creativity, so I (games) was in good company!

Prizes for the games, which included: Baby Animal Match, “Guess how many animal crackers are in this jar”, “Balancing Act” where you guess which characteristics mom and dad want the baby to have, Baby gift bingo, and Circus Peanuts belly measurement guessing game.

The term for a baby eel is “elver”, I certainly did not know that before!

Heheh, this fun game was my friend Kaley’s idea, everyone had to guess how many circus peanuts it would take to measure around Cherry’s belly! I strung them together with embroidery floss and a large needle.

This game was unplanned, but very fun: Slinky Catch! Played with cousin & sister while everyone else was cleaning up afterwards. The famous and good-at-guessing-amounts-of-animal-crackers Elsa wandered the room on hands and knees the whole time, probably wondering what on earth these bigger people were doing. 🙂

(Aren’t the decorations amazing?? You can find more pictures and tutorials for things like the circus centerpieces on Holly’s blog, here and here.)

But of course, the best part was enjoying warm connections between family and friends while celebrating the new little blessing that is about to arrive!


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