In the studio: It’s a circus in there

Creativity I have been up to this week:

A little fall decoration for one of my client’s rooms at the nursing home.

I just like how this looks, with the color only at the edges of the leaves.

Now that I finished my organization project from last week, I can start making a mess all over again! 🙂 Beginning to make a mini-book of the awesome Garden/Birthday Week party we did back in August. (Which I am going to post about, but I keep forgetting decided to wait until a dreary winter day, when it will be wonderful to look back at a sunny, cheerful outdoor tea party.) 

Lots of colorful fun as I put together games and prizes for a circus-themed baby shower this weekend! I’m so excited!




13 thoughts on “In the studio: It’s a circus in there

  1. Coming in from Studio JRU…I loved seeing all this! And I really like the way those colorful leaves frame the rest of the image in the fall photo…


    • Thanks Cindy! 🙂 I just hastily snapped that picture on a cold morning walk, but I like how it turned out! Fun to capture a moment of God’s endless creativity!

    • Oh thanks! Yes, I think the shower will be ridiculously cute! Which is how a baby shower should be I guess! Loving the circus theme, it is fun and unique to work with.

    • Thanks! Isn’t it cute?? Actually it’s simply yarn with felt leaves strung along it. The yarn is really pretty, just some I had leftover from other projects. ~Frances

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