For if you’re looking for hope today


Today, in the rush, feeling the pressure… I need to remember to breathe, to hope, to see light. I need to see love in the world around me, sometimes all I hear are the bad news stories. Maybe you are there too.

Maybe it would help to visit a small town. I know and love my small towns, and this is a great picture of one at its best. I teared up reading this story yesterday, of the overwhelming response when an Amtrak train derailed nearby.

“The community kind of stood still for a day, and they helped strangers they’d never seen and will never see again, but they all helped,” Zimbelman said. “You hope the people would come to your aid. They did. Out here, we all care about everybody else.”

“Smith, the Amtrak official, said Benkelman’s response will never be forgotten by the passengers — who continue to write letters of thanks to the community — or Amtrak.”

‘These are folks who care about people… And the fact that they tell you, “Oh, it’s no big deal,” tells you that’s what they do every day.”

Or maybe it would bless you to travel to Ecuador. To read the words, Hope picks you. This is beautiful. Please read.

And for hope here, if it is dark where you are walking today: light for your life.


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