Day 25: Have a little faith


Only six days left! As I am traveling and not in my usual routine, and I didn’t think I have recently been making any progress, it has been tempting to just let it go. To be glad that I memorized half a chapter at least, but accept that I didn’t make it to my goal. I have plenty of excuses, legitimate ones.

It’s too easy and painless to let this go, just like other goals, good habits, or New Year’s resolutions.

But I’ve known from day 1 that it would come to this, that motivation would run dry. That’s why I have approached this month in a particular way, why I have tried and shared different strategies to make little efforts to weave this memorization into daily life.

On this 25th day I just needed to have a little faith that it was working. So I tried to write out the whole chapter, all 25 verses, from memory. Results? I did it, without too much effort! I had to look at the verse sheet 2 times for little helps, and then I had to prompt myself with the “first letter of every word” sheet quite a bit for the last 5 verses. And I am pretty happy with that!   


2 thoughts on “Day 25: Have a little faith

    • Thank you for the encouragement! Especially when my efforts have been pretty minimal, all things considered. I couldn’t learn this chapter in one sitting, that’s for sure, but spreading it out in little chunks over a month has worked surprisingly well!

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